Intergroup Membership

Each of the A.A. groups or meetings registered with SRI is entitled to send a representative to the monthly business meeting of the Intergroup. This meeting is held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Central Office.

The Intergroup Representatives’ participation serves both to provide guidance to the Steering Committee and to help oversee the operation of the various Standing and Special Event Committees as well as Central Office. (This reflects the organizational structure put forward by the 12 Concepts).

Any Alcoholics Anonymous group or meeting in Maricopa County becomes a member of Salt River Intergroup upon registering. Membership is not necessary to be listed in the Valleywide Meeting List. However, SRI encourages all groups to register with one of the four local Intergroups: SRI, Agua Fria, East Valley, or Hispana

To register or let us know of any new meetings or changes to current meetings please fill out the Group Registration / Change Form.

Past Intergroup Meeting Documents

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SRI Bylaws 2-13-18